Topics of Conference

  • Success and Challenges in implementing a 24X7 water supply system from an intermittent system

  • Institutional and Financial challenges for implementing 24X7 water supply system

  • Advances in Water Treatment and Distribution Technologies

  • Water Reuse advanced technologies for indirect and direct potable use

  • Wastewater collection, Treatment and Resource recovery

  • Asset management

  • Advances in desalination technologies including energy efficiency

  • Modelling and simulation applications

  • Water loss control

  • IoT based water quality monitoring and surveillance

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)

  • Global perspectives on challenges in policy formation and compliance for wastewater reuse.

    About AWWAIndia Association

    “AWWAIndia Association” is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promote best practices in the operation and management of water with particular focus on water and wastewater management. The headquarter is at New Delhi. The membership of AWWAIndia Association (AIA) is open to the water professionals of India who are committed to sustainability of a very important resource of our county – Water!

    The primary objectives of AWWAIndia Association are:

  • Increase opportunities to create, exchange and transfer knowledge and build capacity to improve the operations of water systems in India

  • Support certification/licensing of water professionals from engineers to operators.

  • Leverage resources to provide greater value to water professionals in India

  • Work in partnership with the public and private sectors to advance and enhance policy development for the water sector in India.

    About the Conference

  • Along with topics on 24×7 water supply and water reuse other topics related to Public Private Partnership, latest advances in treatment technologies for water, wastewater, water reuse; asset management; IoT based water quality monitoring and surveillance; desalination; energy efficiency; water loss management and Global practices & perspectives were covered in the conference.

  • The conference began with the inaugural session at 9.30 AM on December 5th, 2022 with more than 30 technical sessions presented of various topics and exhibits over the two days. The key note address was delivered by Additional Secretary (AMRUT), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India and Deputy CEO of American Water Works Association, USA. Technical support was provided by Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. AWWAIndia Association conference presented both nationally and internationally recognized dignitaries, speakers and experts’ presentations followed by discussions in plenary sessions.

  • The conference also had sessions on Women in Water, along with parallel breakaway sessions on Utilities leader’s forum and AWWA’s Management Standards training on water and wastewater utilities treatment, distribution and collection systems and Modeling for water utilities.

    The Organizing Committee:

    AIA Executive Committee:

  • Mr. Hemen V Patel- Multi Mantech International Pvt Ltd, Managing Director

  • Mr. Shirish Kardile, K Consultation, Consulting Engineer

  • Mr. Parth Shah, Laxmi Civil Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, DGM

  • Mr. Sushil Sethi Jain, SPML Infra Limited, Vice Chairman

  • Mr. Prasana Shah, Shah Technical Pvt Ltd, Director

  • Mr. Akhil Sonthalia, Jal Pravahika Pvt. Ltd, Director